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We Are On a Soul Journey

What I Believe

I do the work I do because I know it works.

Our soul is on a journey over lifetimes to gain the experiences it needs to grow and evolve. When we change our limiting beliefs we can achieve our potential.

We are born into the right situation to give us the right conditions for what the soul needs to experience. When we work on underlying problems creating stress the body can restore its original rhythm and natural patterns. 

I believe that everyone deserves to discover their life purpose and strengthen their relationship with soul in order to be the best they can be.

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My Story - Jeanette Shearer

How it all began

I began life on a farm very in tune with nature.

In my early 20’s a phone call out of the blue telling me my father had died was a turning point in my life. I look back on this time and see that this shocking news was the beginning of my life changing.

I began drifting without a purpose, but through friends I became aware that life had a deeper meaning and I started listening to my intuition. A new story was beginning to be told.

I kept getting promptings that I had healing abilities which I initially denied but then destiny stepped in – in the form of a stranger in a park who asked me what I do. When I told her I was a potter she exclaimed, “No you’re not, you are a healer!”

I decided it was time to take notice.

Thus began my journey as a healer working with vibrational medicine in various forms which led to me becoming a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and an Esoteric Hypnosis® practitioner and taking clients through the life changing program of the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis®.

Real People, Real Souls

Success Stories

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Goal: Run My Own Retreat

Finally Reached My Passion

Every year I make the same New Year’s resolution and I never do it.

I made that my goal with the nine session program and I am so pleased that I have actually done it and now run my own retreats! Thank you so much Jeanette.

Goal: Freedom

Freedom From Trauma

I cannot recommend these sessions enough; I have had anxiety and insecurity issues that have resulted from trauma early on in my life. 

Jeanette is absolutely a one of a kind hypnotherapist and I was able to break free from the old story I was living only in just the first few sessions. I am living a new story now, one filled with love and freedom.

Goal: Gain Confidence

I Am Now a Yoga Teacher

I have felt an inner confidence in myself grow and have definitely noticed a change in myself for the better.

I have always wanted / dreamed that I would get to this point…  where I am actually teaching what I love. Your hypnosis sessions made it happen, it is magical and I am so grateful.

What you are is what you have been. What you will be is what you do now

My Testimonials

What Clients Say

I felt a real sense of clarity on where I wanted to go and it felt really achievable.


Now I have completed the program I feel profound change within myself and my life.

"Magic at work"

Jeanette is able to bring you into a meditative hypnosis state as soon as the session begins.

"Deep hypnosis online"

I booked in with Jeanette because I was experiencing anxiety and waves of dismay preventing me from sleeping.

"Sleeping again"

The energy and angst around the old experiences and trauma had dissolved. I could then start living a new story.

"The stories we tell ourselves"

I felt safely guided in each and every session and I could fee your many years of experience of working in the healing arts.

"Life changing"
Soul Work Hypnosis

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