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Thank you Jeanette for taking me through the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® sessions. It has most certainly been a journey that is life changing! I felt safely guided in each and every session and I could feel your many years of experience, of working in the healing arts, assisting my soul. Thank you for the wisdom that you bring to the table, and for this I am most grateful.

"A journey that is life changing!"
Laneway journey

    During my first Hypnotique Protocol® hypnotherapy session I felt a real sense of clarity on where I wanted to go and it felt really achievable. I felt motivated to reach my end goal and was excited to continue with the remaining 8 sessions. Jeanette brings such a sense of calm and grounding, making me feel at ease to discuss everything and her energy really helps to easily fall into the hypnotic state. Thank you Jeanette - such amazing work that you do!

    "Gaining clarity around what I wanted from my sessions"
    attractive happy luxury couple hugging and holding hands with tender in autumn colorful park

      Now I have completed the program I feel profound change within myself and my life. I definitely feel so much more confident and trusting of myself and it was incredible to see all the situations for learning that popped up along the way related to each session, quite difficult to ignore! This is a magical healing modality as I keep experiencing subtle magic! Jeanette is caring and really goes above and beyond - the perfect practitioner for this kind of work.

      "Magic at work"

        Jeanette is able to bring you into a meditative hypnosis state as soon as the session begins. As the sessions proceed, I've fallen into a deeper hypnosis state each time. The ease of doing hypnosis from your own home allows you to instantly feel comfortable making it all the more effective when so relaxed.

        "Deep hypnosis online!"
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          I booked in with Jeanette because I was experiencing anxiety and waves of dismay preventing me from sleeping. I had tried many things but still couldn’t sleep. Last night we had the most amazing thunderstorm with torrential rain and I slept right through it and woke at 7:30!

          "Finally sleeping again"
          Enchanted autumn forest in fog in the evening.

            My reason for doing the Hypnotique Protocol® program is because of anxiety and insecurity issues that as far as I know result from experiences and trauma in my early life. After my third hypnosis session the ‘lightbulb went on’. I saw that if I wanted a new story to become my reality I had to release the old story first; the old story that I had been reliving and retelling. It was after this third session that I realised the heat had gone out of that old story and the energy and angst around the old experiences and trauma had dissolved. I could then start living a new story.

            "The stories we tell ourselves"
            The Beauty Of Nature

              ‘The ultimate goal of all mankind is perfection, and to gain this state man must learn to pass through all experiences unaffected; he must encounter all interferences and temptations without being deflected from his course; then he is free from all life’s difficulties, hardships and sufferings’.

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